Here you can contact the Aaron Burr House movement, and the West Village Historical Society which is the organization responsible for the aforementioned movement. Soon enough we are planning on launching petition for turning the Aaron Burr house into a museum. Please send us a message if you would like to sign the upcoming petition or if you would like to help our cause a bit more directly. By that we mean if you would like to join the team and help with signature gathering, promotional material creation, leaflet distribution and more. We could use all the help that we can get.

Even though we are pretty busy with setting up the petition and at the same time working on promotion for the movement as a whole, we promise that we will reply to your messages within a day or two at the most. Someone from the team will get back to you and, depending on what your request is, give you the info that you've requested.

All the questions that you might have about the movement are welcome, and what we would like to hear even more are suggestions and ideas on how to make our goals come true. Fresh ideas are always something that we want to hear. So far we've made baby steps towards making the Aaron Burr house a museum, but we hope that with your help, we can reach that goal sooner. So if you want to join a group of history buffs, based in West Village, New York, who are working on preserving a piece of our history, then definitly get in touch with us. We hope to hear from you soon.